100% Moringa Juice to create more jobs

100% Moringa Juice to create more jobs

Powerful African plant moringa has been around for centuries. Popular for its medicinal purposes, moringa is mostly revered for its potent antioxidants which qualify it as the most trusted remedy when treating ailments such as hair and skin disorders, balancing mood swings and helping combat bacterial infections.

Rooibanch co-founder, Sibusiso Ndlovu, shares the secrets to making his moringa juice, which is known as 100% Moringa, part of the modern healthy lifestyle by making it an essential component of the daily diet plan while creating jobs in the process.

Escaping unemployment

The sight of a moringa plant signifies two things. To an untrained eye, it is just a plant that produces the moringa fruit. To an entrepreneur, the tree represents a path out of unemployment.

Rooibanch is a Mpumalanga based start-up that is run by five family members, including Sibusiso Ndlovu, growing moringa and using the plant to manufacture their own moringa juice.

“We started selling our drinks in the local townships with my younger brother. We would go to town with 2 buckets, selling only 500ml bottles to a truly diverse range of customers, some of whom appreciated our product, while others were not so receptive,” says Ndlovu.

“We managed to generate R700 from our sales on the first day, that was when we realised that we should treasure this product and turn it into an official business.”The full article is for subscribed members only. To view the full article please subscribe. It’s FREE!Log In Register


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