Ensuring the future milk yields of dairy cows

Dairy calves

When starting a new dairy farm, some management actions must be undertaken correctly from the start ensuring the future milk yields of dairy cows. Although cows are fed and milked (which is harvesting of milk) daily, some management decisions could affect the production performance of cows positively or negatively for a long time afterwards. Reducing…

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Planning for the long game: macadamia trees

Macadamia nuts

South Africa’s industry could be underprepared for the future macadamia market because macadamia trees are a 20 year investment that requires planning for the long game. Changing consumer demands for macadamia nut styles and grades. Growth in new markets like ingredients sector Our export market may be exposed to China: 56% of South Africa’s crop…

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Afrika bolwurm is ‘n gevaarlike kalant

Afrika bolwurm

Die Lepidoptera orde in die wêreld van ongewerweldes is legio. Wonderlike vlinders en interessante motte is onder die gevleueldes wat onder ander ook met bestuiwing van baie blomplante te doene het. Daar is egter ‘n paar spesies onder die groot aantal van nagenoeg 180 000 soorte vlinders en motte wat die landbou se groot vyande…

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Fynbos app to manage your natural veld


Landowners and harvesters who harvest wild fynbos can now better manage their fynbos populations through a new cell phone application. The app, called i-Fynbos, collects information on fynbos harvested from the wild, and allows effective monitoring over time. Landowners and harvesters will be able to check that their harvesting is sustainable in the long term. Around 60% of fynbos used…

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Floating Wetlands: creating habitat and clearing water

Floating islands

Small steps to making a big difference The term “floating wetlands” might at first conjure up an image of large swathes of dense papyrus reeds bobbing up and down in the Okavango Delta. However, these are floating wetlands of a different, slightly smaller kind, popping up on farm dams in the Western Cape creating habitat…

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