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R300 miljoen samesmelting plaas wynreus op koers vir langtermyn sukses

Bonnievale wines

Die Bonnievale Wynkelder-groep en Wandsbeck Wyne smelt saam en vorm ’n wynmaatskappy met bates van meer as R300m. Die wynkelders in die Robertson-streek se amalgamasie het die stigting van een van die Kaap se grootste wynprodusente, wat as Bonnievale Wynkelder Edms. Bpk. bekend sal wees, tot gevolg. Die ooreenkoms volg op samesprekings tussen produsentelede en…

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Pink Apple Sauce Recipe

Pink apple sauce

Stunning colour and delicious taste! This pink apple sauce recipe makes a big batch. Freeze half for later or bake an apple pie. Stir 1 cup of apple sauce into the batter of our Red Velvet Cake.

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Why massive effort needs to be put into growing trees on farms

It’s now over 50 years since the world was first warned that resources were being used at an unsustainable rate. It has now been estimated that almost one quarter to one third of the world’s land is degraded to some extent. Degradation refers to land that’s lost nutrients, or has changed physically, and therefore produces less or supports less…

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New plane can show geoengineering works


With new aircraft, humans could potentially mimic volcanic action, dim the sunlight and slow global warming, showing that geoengineering works. It’s a controversial idea. Nobody knows for sure whether we shall ever see if geoengineering works. But now somebody knows how to do it. Engineers have designed an aircraft that could lift a cargo of…

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Spider bites in southern Africa

Not a spider bite

The subject of spider bites in southern Africa is a rabbit warren of hoax emails, misinformation, misconceptions and ignorance. It’s almost impossible to identify a lesion or wound as being caused by a spider bite, and at the same time, it’s as equally impossible to say that a spider was not involved. Common sense says…

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Hotter climate will cost Europe dear

Hotter climate

The continent must brace itself for the big heat: a hotter climate will cost Europe dear if average global temperatures soar by 3°C near the end of the century, when heat extremes could claim an additional 132 000 deaths a year. Labour productivity in some southern European countries could fall by 10 to 15%. As…

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National Farmer of the Year 2018: Pieter Graaff

Pieter Graaff Farmer of the year 2018

At a gala event held in Stellenbosch on Friday evening, November 16, 2018 the Agricultural Writers SA announced the winners of the 2018 National Farmer, New Entrant into Commercial Agriculture and Agriculturist of the Year. The main sponsors of the event were Bayer, Santam Agriculture, Sanlam and Rovic Leers. The three national winners are: The…

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Illegal use of pesticides

Bee on flower

Emphasis on the word illegal The illegal use of pesticides killing of bees in the Constantia area of the Western Cape has received widespread media coverage, and rightfully so. The bees, reportedly in the millions, were lethally affected by an illegal mixture of a Fipronil based pesticide with molasses, intended to control ants. It might…

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Electricity cuts a great irritation to fruit industry

Apple pack house

Eskom, the national (and sole) electricity provider in South Africa has embarked on a programme of load shedding (planned power outages) as a result of maintenance on the grid. Such power outages are not new, but previously they’ve usually occurred in winter at times of high electricity demand. These electricity cuts is a great irritation…

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