Wes-Kaap Jongboer van die jaar 2019 deelnemers

Wes-Kaap Jongboer

“Die uiteenlopende bedryfsvertakkings, fokus, energie en ingesteldheid van vanjaar se deelnemers aan die Agri Wes-Kaap Santam Landbou Jongboer van die Jaar 2019 kompetisie, wys net weer dat die toekoms van die Wes-Kaap se landbousektor in die beste hande moontlik is. Hulle is sakemanne in eie reg wat kies om hulle tyd en kundigheid in die…

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How to help farmers prepare for climate change

FArmers prepare for climate change

Floods as well as droughts and heatwaves are increasing and will continue to do so in Africa and South Asia. Farmers and governments need to adapt to this changing climate regime. But adaptation requires decisions to be made under high uncertainty, often with incomplete knowledge. This makes planning and investing in it difficult. There is an increasing demand for short-term climate information…

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Load Shedding: Is Renewable Energy the solution?

Renewabe energy

New studies form UCT suggests that South Africa should transition from nuclear power plants to cleaner renewable energy. The transition could mean cheaper and a more reliable energy source, as load shedding has increased significantly. Research conducted by the Inclusive Economic Development Program at the University of Cape Town’s Energy Research Centre, suggests the future…

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Principles regarding replacement heifers

Replacement heifers

Dairy farmers always aim to reduce the production cost of milk to increase profit margins. Heifer rearing is a direct cost and produces no immediate income; therefore, efforts are made to reduce this cost. However, heifer rearing is an integral part of a dairy herd and cost saving efforts should not reduce their future production…

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Managing plastics out of the farming sector

Agricultural plastic

Plastic products on the farm The year 1898 is long forgotten with nary a human being ever heard of a German scientist by the name of Hans von Pechman for who it was a turning point in his career. As happens with other many scientists, he accidentally synthesised a new chemical product called polyethylene while…

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