Better Farm Security

Better Farm Security

Preventing farm attacks with better farm security is something that should be on everyone’s mind, farmer or not. No farmer, no food, as simple as that. We cannot afford to have our farmers driven from the land.

This article provides an insight as to how to approach your farm’s security in a practical manner that will help you to become a security-conscious farm dweller because it is not just the farmer that is at risk but his visiting family friends and customers.

Develop A Security Mindset

Your entire household should become absolutely security conscious to stand any chance in an emergency. They say a habit takes 21 days to cultivate so, prevent a tragedy by making a serious effort to become truly security conscious.

It starts by talking about security with your family regularly, daily in fact, reminding them to:

  • keep the security doors closed and locked,
  • keep their cell phones at hand,
  • be aware of where the dogs are,
  • lookout for strangers,
  • not displaying firearms openly,
  • not wearing jewellery that will attract attention,
  • not keep cash at home.

Installing any other security measures such as alarms or cameras is futile if they are not manned by someone
Your Responsibility – Your Home, Family, And Employees

Consider that your home contains what most intruders want, although, attacks on South African Farmers have become more about torture and murder than robbery making it even more important to secure your home, family and loved ones.

Once you have clearly defined what you consider to be your responsibility, you are able to evaluate the vulnerable points. Knowing these enables you to address them. When you address them, you need to do it systematicaly.
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