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Boer van die maand

Feb 25 2021

Boer van die Maand: Lourens en Ignatius de Jager

Ons boer van die maand in die Januarie 2021 uitgawe is Lourens en Ignatius de Jager van Helderwater Boerdery (Edms) Bpk, op die plaas Witfontein, ...
Benefits of modern CTRM for agriculture industry

Dec 15 2020

Benefits of modern CTRM for agriculture industry

Commodity traders in agriculture companies face these 5 main business challenges: 1. Cash management 2. Risk/hedging effectiveness 3. Operational/supply chain efficiencies 4. Accurate & timely ...
Boer van die Maand: Martli Slabber

Nov 25 2020

Boer van die Maand: Martli Slabber

Die Boer van die Maand reeks fokus op gewone mense, hul boerderyondernemings, leefstyl en hul unieke uitdagings. Ons kyk ook na die groter gemeenskap en ...
Private investment in land reform kick-start economic recovery

Nov 25 2020

Private investment in land reform has the potential to kick-start economic recovery

The restitution of land remains a very emotive issue in South Africa. The general consensus is that the land question needs to be addressed expeditiously ...
Boer van die maand

Oct 28 2020

Boer van die Maand: Nollie Stofberg

Nollie Stofberg Ons boer van die maand vir Oktober is Nollie Stofberg van Swartwalle, Houmoed en Platdrif in die Rawsonville omgewing. Nollie het in 1977 ...
Education is key to improving the African agribusiness

Oct 28 2020

Education is key to improving the African agribusiness

The South African agribusiness pool is filled with ample opportunities. Despite the various challenges facing the regional sectors, there seems to be a silver-lining for ...
The Internet of Things

Oct 28 2020

What is the Internet of Things?

A Simple Explanation “The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are ...
Boer van die Maand

Sep 30 2020

Boer van die Maand: Alle Boere

Die Boer van die Maand reeks fokus op gewone mense, hul boerderyondernemings, lewenstyle en die unieke uitdagings waarmee hulle te make het. Hierdie maand wil ...
From subsistence to a smallholder farming

Sep 30 2020

From subsistence to a smallholder farming business

Growing up in an agricultural setting along with years of service accumulated in a corporate finance environment are two of the biggest contributors that influenced ...
Farmer of the Month Trevor Strydom

Aug 31 2020

Farmer of the Month: Trevor Strydom

Our Farmer of the Month is Trevor Strydom of Audacia Wines. Audacia is a 23-hectare wine farm situated between Stellenbosch and Somerset West in South ...
Deduction available for donations increased

Aug 31 2020

Deduction available for donations increased

To alleviate the cashflow difficulties of employees where their employers contribute to the Solidarity Fund on their behalf, Government is proposing a special relief measure ...
100% Moringa Juice to create more jobs

Aug 31 2020

100% Moringa Juice to create more jobs

Powerful African plant moringa has been around for centuries. Popular for its medicinal purposes, moringa is mostly revered for its potent antioxidants which qualify it ...
Belle-Vue Farm

Jul 28 2020

Farmer of the Month: Jimmy Zondagh

The Farmer of the Month series features ordinary people, their farming enterprises, lifestyles and the special challenges they are faced with. It is also our ...
Die Mosterts

Jun 29 2020

Boer van die Maand: Die Mostert-familie

Ons kuier in die Junie uitgawe by die Mostert-familie van Dassenvaley Bpk van Philadelphia. Die boerdery word bedryf deur Tobie en Hanlie Mostert en hul ...
Fourth Industrial Revolution

May 27 2020

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Applications in Agriculture

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the African economy and the daily lives of most Africans. The continent has 65 percent of the world’s remaining uncultivated ...
Farmer of the month

May 27 2020

Farmer of the Month: John Ford

Our Farmer of the Month for the May 2020 edition is John Ford of Elmhurst and Charlgrove in the Port Alfred district. Elmhurst is situated ...

Apr 29 2020

See you on the other side……of lockdown

Some advice for small businesses On the 23rd March 2020, a 21-day lockdown was imposed on all South Africans from the 27th March until the 16th ...

Apr 29 2020

Boer van die Maand: Ernst Stofberg

Ons kuier vandeesmaand by  die boer van die maand: Ernst Stofberg van Dwarsberg Plaas en Dwarsberg Trout Hideaway, Louwshoek, Rawsonville in die Wes-Kaap. Dwarsberg Plaas ...
Financial statements

Feb 28 2020

The Purpose of Financial Statements

Financial statements are a written record of the financial performance and business activities of a given company. Financial statements are usually audited by accountants, government ...

Feb 28 2020

Has agri-business sold out SA’s farmers on EWC?

The Institute of Race Relations today launches a campaign to get straight answers from important entities in the agri-business sector on where they stand on ...
Weights show the way to cheap stored power

Dec 16 2019

Weights show the way to cheap stored power

New ways to generate renewable electricity will offer cheap stored power and a solution to balancing supply and demand. Finding effective ways to store energy ...
Nampo Cape App

Aug 28 2019

NAMPO Cape App: for an exceptional experience

The Overberg is bustling with activity as we are getting closer to NAMPO CAPE 2019, taking place from 4 – 6 September at Bredasdorp Park ...
Transferring property

Aug 28 2019

The process of transferring residential property in South Africa

In South Africa thousands of property transfers take place daily. People purchase land to live on, to conduct business on or merely to keep as ...
Vereenvoudigde belastingsisteem

Jul 29 2019

Toekomsvisie vir ‘n eenvoudige en effektiewe belastingsisteem

Die titel is gebore uit die agtergrond van ‘n komplekse belastingsisteem wat tans bestaan uit sy verskeie belasting wetgewings wat gereeld aangepas moet word om ...
Science can double the solar dividend

Jul 29 2019

Science can double the solar dividend

Researchers have found three new ways to double the solar dividend, making the sun work harder and deliver more to the renewable economy. A new, ...
Agricultural value chains

Jun 17 2019

Agricultural value chain

The agricultural value chain concept has been used since the beginning of the millennium, primarily by those working in agricultural development in developing countries. Although ...
National minimum wage

Apr 27 2019

South Africa’s first national minimum wage

1 January 2019 saw South Africa’s first ever national minimum wage come into effect. Stakeholders first signed the national minimum wage agreement in February 2017, ...

Apr 21 2019

Giba CPA–land reform beneficiaries sign partnership agreement

The Giba Communal Property Association (CPA) in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, has signed a partnership agreement with private investor W van R Schmidt (Pty) Ltd, facilitated through ...
Social companion robot

Feb 22 2019

How robots could help bridge the elder-care gap

Despite innovations that make it easier for seniors to keep living on their own rather than moving into special facilities, most elderly people eventually need ...
Land reform

Feb 14 2019

A partnership driven approach to land reform

The Vumelana Advisory Funds emphasises a need for a partnership driven approach as an immediate way to address land reform challenges following the State of ...

Feb 14 2019

Wendy Petersen lei transformasie in die wynbedryf

Die Transformasie-eenheid van die Suid-Afrikaanse Wynbedryf het me Wendy Petersen aangestel as Operasionele Bestuurder vanaf 1 Februarie 2019. Die Transformasie-eenheid is ‘n gesamentlike, inklusiewe, onafhanklike ...
Emoloyment contracts

Jan 30 2019

Why are Employment Contracts so important?

BVSA HRMConnect offer a wide range of human resource management services to our clients. Why are Employment Contracts so important? Many South African employers do ...
Apple pack house

Dec 12 2018

Electricity cuts a great irritation to fruit industry

Eskom, the national (and sole) electricity provider in South Africa has embarked on a programme of load shedding (planned power outages) as a result of ...
Christel Fortuin

Dec 12 2018

Christel Fortuin is a star in the making

Now that the rains have returned to the Boland, the farm road leading to the office at Lakeview Farm is muddy and the previously scorched ...
Big Data

Dec 12 2018

Big data shows big promise for feeding the world

Digital innovations are set to transform a global food system in crisis. These innovations, however, are reliant on large sets of data to help farmers ...
last will and testament

Dec 9 2018

Where there is a professionally drafted will, there is a way

A professionally drafted will is undoubtedly the single most important legal document one can possess. Unfortunately, the value thereof is often overlooked and misconstrued by ...
Taxpayers vs population

Nov 20 2018

Belasting, die las raak al swaarder

Die las op belastingbetalers in Suid-Afrika raak al swaarder. Verskeie faktore dra hierby toe, waarvan die grootste seker die feit is dat die bevolking waaraan ...

Oct 13 2018

Fynbos app to manage your natural veld

Landowners and harvesters who harvest wild fynbos can now better manage their fynbos populations through a new cell phone application. The app, called i-Fynbos, collects information ...