NAMPO Cape App: for an exceptional experience

Nampo Cape App

The Overberg is bustling with activity as we are getting closer to NAMPO CAPE 2019, taking place from 4 – 6 September at Bredasdorp Park in Bredasdorp and everybody is talking about the exciting, new NAMPO Cape App As a valuable extension to the NAMPO Cape 2019 event, AgriAbout in partnership with the BVSA group…

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The Fish and Seafood Value Chain

Fish and seafood value chain

Seafood products are among the most important internationally traded food commodities. The world seafood industry plays a significant role in the economic and social well-being of many nations, as well as in the feeding of a significant part of the world’s population. Fishing and fish farming have emerged as one of the major food processing…

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The process of transferring residential property in South Africa

Transferring property

In South Africa thousands of property transfers take place daily. People purchase land to live on, to conduct business on or merely to keep as an investment. Here are some of the steps typically involved in the transfer of a residential property: An offer to purchase is signed by the buyer and the seller. Once…

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Toekomsvisie vir ‘n eenvoudige en effektiewe belastingsisteem

Vereenvoudigde belastingsisteem

Die titel is gebore uit die agtergrond van ‘n komplekse belastingsisteem wat tans bestaan uit sy verskeie belasting wetgewings wat gereeld aangepas moet word om bv. moontlike belastingontduiking te keer, asook die hele proses om die verskillende tipe belastings in te vorder vanaf die belastingpligtige op die regte datum te doen. Soos enige besigheid, het…

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Science can double the solar dividend

Science can double the solar dividend

Researchers have found three new ways to double the solar dividend, making the sun work harder and deliver more to the renewable economy. A new, translucent material made of little more than silica and air can double the solar dividend, collecting solar heat and raising temperatures to 200°C, delivering new ways to heat homes or…

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Agricultural value chain

Agricultural value chains

The agricultural value chain concept has been used since the beginning of the millennium, primarily by those working in agricultural development in developing countries. Although there is no universally accepted definition of the term, it normally refers to the whole range of goods and services necessary for an agricultural product to move from the farm…

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Load Shedding: Is Renewable Energy the solution?

Renewabe energy

New studies form UCT suggests that South Africa should transition from nuclear power plants to cleaner renewable energy. The transition could mean cheaper and a more reliable energy source, as load shedding has increased significantly. Research conducted by the Inclusive Economic Development Program at the University of Cape Town’s Energy Research Centre, suggests the future…

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South Africa’s first national minimum wage

National minimum wage

1 January 2019 saw South Africa’s first ever national minimum wage come into effect. Stakeholders first signed the national minimum wage agreement in February 2017, which was approved by Cabinet later in 2017 after which the bill was passed in May 2018. Other related legislation, being the Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill and the…

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Giba CPA–land reform beneficiaries sign partnership agreement


The Giba Communal Property Association (CPA) in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, has signed a partnership agreement with private investor W van R Schmidt (Pty) Ltd, facilitated through non-profit organisation Vumelana Advisory Funds’ community private partnership (CPP) model. The Giba CPA has signed off 127 hectares for two lease agreements with W van R Schmidt. The one lease…

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First commercial floating solar farm in Africa

Floating solar farm

From the ongoing issues at Eskom to the chemicals being sprayed and the high energy needs of farms, the agricultural sector is looking to become more financially and environmentally sustainable through green energy solutions like the first commercial floating solar farm in Africa. On 1 March 2019, media personnel as well as individuals from trade…

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