Boer van die Maand: Ernst Stofberg

Ons kuier vandeesmaand by  die boer van die maand: Ernst Stofberg van Dwarsberg Plaas en Dwarsberg Trout Hideaway, Louwshoek, Rawsonville in die Wes-Kaap. Dwarsberg Plaas is in 1975 aangekoop deur Ernst se pa, Ernst Gabriel Stofberg. Die plaas het toe slegs ‘n paar droëland appelkoos en perske boorde gehad wat destyds gedroog is vir die…

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Opportunities for diversification and sustainability in Agritourism routes


Agritourism routes offer opportunities for diversification and sustainability to the agricultural sector in South Africa. The agricultural sector is a key driver of South Africa’s economy given its forward and backward linkages to other sectors. However, after prolonged growth in South Africa’s agricultural economy, recent years have been synonymous with a volatile environment due to…

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When growers want to offer a place to stay

Coffee in mountains

Agri tourism or farm stays is a growing hospitality sector and the reasons why are clear: better bang for the Buck and an opportunity to be nearer to nature. When growers want to offer a place to stay on a working farm it is also educational as guests see first-hand the elements that contribute to…

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