Water-related Challenges of the 21st Century

Water related challenges

Water gives life and is crucial to development all over the world. It waters the fields; nurtures the crops and stock; provides recreation; it supports mines, industry; electricity generation and it provide life for plants and animals that make up ecosystems. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), climate change would be one…

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Science can double the solar dividend

Science can double the solar dividend

Researchers have found three new ways to double the solar dividend, making the sun work harder and deliver more to the renewable economy. A new, translucent material made of little more than silica and air can double the solar dividend, collecting solar heat and raising temperatures to 200°C, delivering new ways to heat homes or…

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Reënvalvooruitsigte vir 2019/20


Alhoewel bo-gemiddelde reën teen die einde van die 2018/19-somerseisoen oor die sentrale tot oostelike dele van die land voorgekom het, duur die droogte intens voort oor die westelike en suidwestelike dele van die land asook gedeeltes van die Oos Kaap en selfs kolle in Limpopo. Groot gedeeltes van die Somerreënvalgebied is alreeds sedert 2012 in…

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Water Smart Irrigation:

Water smart irrigation

A requirement for sustainable agriculture in the water value-chain Water, especially in irrigated agriculture, poses one of the most vital sustainable development challenges of our time. The importance of water is as follows: Water is the key to food security: without water, crops simply cannot grow. Water is not just for primary production it plays…

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How to help farmers prepare for climate change

FArmers prepare for climate change

Floods as well as droughts and heatwaves are increasing and will continue to do so in Africa and South Asia. Farmers and governments need to adapt to this changing climate regime. But adaptation requires decisions to be made under high uncertainty, often with incomplete knowledge. This makes planning and investing in it difficult. There is an increasing demand for short-term climate information…

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SAB and municipality collaboration release more water

SAB municipality collaboration release water

Working in collaboration with local municipalities in Cape Town and Tshwane, SAB has managed to help provide a total 4.4-billion litres of additional water per year for use by residents in those cities. The additional flow of water is accredited to leak reduction and advanced water pressure management in municipality reticulation networks. The City of…

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Fish management in an aquaponics system

Fish management

When growing fish in your aquaponics system, it is important to maintain good water quality. As an aquaponics grower you have the responsibility to keep your plants and fish healthy. Therefore, we investigate fish management in an aquaponics system. Water quality considers several parameters. Temperature and pH first come to mind, followed by dissolved gases…

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Solar pumps for the future

Solar pumps

The use of solar borehole pumps is common all over South Africa and solar pumps for the future is a given. Famers have been using solar pumps for many years, however there was a steep increase in the use of solar pumps over recent years. The most important reasons for this are: The global expansion…

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Scientists split on SA’s winter and summer rainfall zones


South Africa is among a handful of countries that experience winter rainfall in some areas and summer rainfall in others, but scientists are split on SA’s winter and summer rainfall zones. The southwestern tip of the country has a Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers and cool wet winters. This is because mid-latitude cyclones migrate…

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Agricultural water file: Farming for a drier future

Farming for a drier future

The agricultural sector remains particularly vulnerable to water risks and a changing climate. This article investigates  farming for a drier future by building resilience in agriculture and lessons learnt that may help the province in a future of increasing water scarcity. 1. Is water scarcity the “new normal”? Water stress is the new normal –…

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