Cover Cropping for Climate Smart Agriculture

Cover cropping

In recent years there have been several new terms being used pertaining to modern agriculture. Terms such as Conservation farming, Regenerative agriculture, Sustainable agriculture, Climate smart agriculture to name but a few. All these terms suggest a different approach to commercial and small scale production. This article considers Cover cropping for Climate Smart Agriculture.

Cover cropping is one of these conservation or regenerative techniques; and as an agricultural practice is becoming more and more accepted and utilised in cropping programs, permanent plantings and livestock enterprises around the world. Individual farmers are examining their traditional farming practices and adapting them to include a cover cropping component.

Why this change?

Farmers themselves have identified that cover crops can add numerous benefits to soil health, which in turn leads to increased plant and animal vitality and ultimately improved quality of product for human consumption. These benefits include building soil organic matter, improved water infiltration, reduced weed pressure, reduced soil compaction, nitrogen fixation by legumes, reduced wind and water erosion, improved yields, food for animals and ultimately increased yields and profitability.

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