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Nov 25 2021

Animal behaviour as indicators for weather forecasting and climate predictions

For decades, indigenous people have observed biophysical animate and inanimate beings for weather forecast and climate predictions about current and future weather variables that cannot ...
The journey to better seed through innovation

Nov 25 2021

The journey to better seed through innovation

In the beginning… Seeds are the basis of all plant life on earth. Since the beginning of time, mankind has continually found ways to improve ...
Technology in a bottle: the story of C4L tech

Nov 25 2021

Technology in a bottle: the story of C4L tech

Think of what matters more to you than anything else in the world. It is likely to be someone, not something. People matter more than ...
Future of plant disease

Oct 27 2021

The future of plant disease detection

Worldwide crop production is significantly restricted by plant diseases, which impedes the yield and quality of crops. One of the most important aspects of successfully ...
Indigenous vegetables

Sep 27 2021

Indigenous African vegetables can contribute to food security

Several reasons are advanced for the neglect of these commodities despite their higher nutrients content compared to the conventional. They are also known to be ...
Integrated Pest Management

Sep 27 2021

The future of crop protection lies in IPM

Since the dawn of agriculture, farmers have been dealing with the challenges of managing pests, weeds and diseases that threaten our ability to produce enough ...

Sep 27 2021

Integrated pest management programmes make sense

Society is constantly looking for ways to improve. This is also true in the agricultural sector. Contrary to widespread belief created by suspense movie dramas, ...
The importance of crop health to sustainable crop production

Aug 29 2021

The importance of crop health to sustainable crop production

The productivity of crops relates directly to their health. But what is a healthy crop? A healthy crop is a crop that receives sufficient water, ...
Biotech Crops

Aug 29 2021

Biotech crops: Transforming Agriculture

Many years of human intervention, either through domestication of wild species or selective breeding, has given us the food crops that we eat today. However, ...
Is Climate Change a Reality?

Jul 28 2021

Is Climate Change a Reality?

The Mangaung Metro Municipality experience Whether or not climate change is a reality is a dilemma faced by many within the farming community and poses ...
Maggot burgers can help to solve world hunger

Jun 24 2021

Maggot burgers can help to solve world hunger

Fancy maggot burgers for dinner? Eating animals and plants which revolt many of us could cut hunger caused by climate change. A diet of maggot ...
The magical mystery of an apple’s sleep

Jun 24 2021

The magical mystery of an apple’s sleep

It might have been an apple that Snow White bit into that sent her into a death-like sleep but, this notion of suspended-animation is not ...
Soil health in a nutshell

Jun 24 2021

Soil health in a nutshell

Soil is the upper layer of the earth’s crust, which sustains life. It consists of a mixture of mineral particles, organic material, organisms, and liquids, ...
Elements of Agroecology

Jun 24 2021

The 10 elements of agroecology:

Guiding the transition to sustainable food and agricultural systems. Today’s food and agricultural systems have succeeded in supplying large volumes of food to global markets. ...
To restore our soils, feed the microbes

May 26 2021

To restore our soils, feed the microbes

Our soils are in trouble. Over the past century, we have abused them with ploughing, tilling and too much fertilizer. What many thinks of as ...
Water in agriculture

May 26 2021

Water in agriculture

Water is a critical input for agricultural production and plays an important role in food security. Irrigated agriculture represents 20 percent of the total cultivated ...
Wes-Kaap Jongoer 2021

May 26 2021

Jongboer van die Jaar 2021

Alexander Gibson: Agri Wes-Kaap Santam Landbou se Jongboer van die Jaar 2021 Die 32-jarige Alexander Gibson van Ceres in die Witzenberg Vallei is Woensdagaand 19 ...
Dekgewasse help natuurlewe in wingerde

Apr 27 2021

Dekgewasse help natuurlewe in wingerde

Die aanplant en behoud van dekgewasse, veral kruidagtige of breëblaarspesies, is een van die belangrikste bestuurspraktyke om te oorweeg deur wyndruifboere wat sensitief te werk ...
Can biotech crops secure enough food

Apr 27 2021

Can biotech crops secure enough food?

Food security and nourishment is an important consideration for many communities in the developing world, including the African continent. However, addressing the food security challenge ...

Apr 27 2021

Status of Food Security

Food security is generally defined as the situation when all people have physical or economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food at all times ...
Keeping the Yellow Dragon at Bay in Citrus Orchards

Feb 25 2021

Keeping the Yellow Dragon at Bay in Citrus Orchards

Citrus Huanglongbing, better known as HLB, is currently regarded as the most destructive disease of citrus, having caused the near-collapse of the Florida citrus industry ...

Dec 15 2020


Die twee sprinkaansoorte wat Afrika, die Midde-Ooste en sentraal Asië soms bedreig, is die woestynsprinkaan of rooisprinkaan wat in die Sahelgebied van Afrika tot selfs ...
Fall Armyworm and its Allies

Nov 25 2020

Fall Armyworm and its Allies

Integrated pest management remains key in ensuring the tools that are developed for farmers to combat pests and diseases, remain relevant for as long as ...

Oct 28 2020

Klimaat en Landboutoestande Oktober 2020

Ryp en lae temperature het steeds voortgeduur oor groot dele van Suid-Afrika gedurende September. Matige tot redelike strawwe ryp het gedurende die laaste week van ...
Fruit fly

Sep 29 2020

Project Fruit Fly Free Fruit Production in southern Africa

Tuesday, 1 September 2020, marks the beginning of Project: F3 Fruit Fly Free - Establishment and maintenance of fruit production areas free and under low ...
Regenerative agriculture

Sep 29 2020

Regenerative Agriculture is Trending in South Africa

Arable farming systems across South Africa are going through a change. Forced by a variable climate and financial pressure, regenerative farming models are increasingly being ...
What is stem rust of wheat, and why does it matter?

Aug 31 2020

What is stem rust of wheat, and why does it matter?

Hundreds of millions of people rely on wheat as the main ingredient for at least one meal in a day or all meals in their ...
Agriculture transformation

Jul 28 2020

The COVID-19 recovery is a chance to transform global agriculture

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the risks of unhealthy diets and the extreme fragility of the global food system. It disproportionately affects people who are ...
Container management

Jul 28 2020

Why Container Management Matters

Plastic polymers such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are extremely valuable as packaging materials for a wide range of commodities because they are light (in mass), ...

Jul 28 2020

Opportunities in Agro-Processing

The article intends to highlight the many opportunities within the agro-processing industry for agricultural engineers to assist small and medium scale agro-processing entrepreneurs with entering ...

Jun 29 2020

Bewaringslandbou kan mielie-opbrengste hupstoot gee

Mielieboere wat geenbewerking of bewaringslandbou op hul plase wil toepas sal kan baat uit heelwat beter opbrengste tydens droër seisoene, omdat hierdie boerderymetodes hulle toelaat ...

May 27 2020

How young vineyards can survive climate change

By choosing the right cultivars and adapting their irrigation regimes in young vineyards, winegrowers may mitigate the expected effect of climate change in coming years. ...

Apr 29 2020

The impact of Crop Pests on Food Security

Crop production and animal production probably provide 90% of the world human population’s food needs. Very few people on earth live as hunter-gatherers (maybe those ...

Mar 26 2020

Climate Change and Agriculture a challenge for pest management

Climate change is a reality whether one believes it is a cosmic occurrence or the effects of human society on earth. Fact is that we ...
A roadmap to resilience for Western Cape agriculture

Mar 26 2020

A roadmap to resilience for Western Cape agriculture

The Western Cape has been prone to numerous climate-related extremes such as droughts, heavy rain, floods, storms (with strong wind and hail), wildfires and plant ...

Mar 25 2020

Agriculture: a strategic sector, please be safe!

The President, in elaborating on his declaration of a state of disaster to curb the spread of COVID-19, identified agriculture as one of the essential ...

Feb 28 2020

Pesticides and water: compatibility and safety aspects

The most recent drought which has brought a large section of South African farmers to their knees, is still not broken in the western arid ...
Plants face extinction

Jan 30 2020

Food at risk as third of plants face extinction

More than a third of the world’s plants are so rare they face extinction. In a warmer world, that would leave supplies of food at ...
Eucalyptus trees

Dec 16 2019

A fresh approach to managing invasive trees

For thousands of years, trees and humans have maintained an intimate connection. It’s therefore not surprising that many tree species were moved around the world, ...
Fruit fly

Dec 16 2019

Entomologists keep fruit flies at bay

Collection of data on fruit flies in South Africa will help improve pest management in Europe and contribute to development of technology such as sensors ...
jet streams

Dec 16 2019

Jet stream changes may hit global breadbaskets

Patterns in the winds of the jet stream that circles the Earth can bring simultaneous heatwaves to breadbasket regions which provide up to a quarter ...

Dec 16 2019

Population, waste bigger environmental factors than livestock

As the world’s population increases and the planet’s temperature rises, many are pointing to animal agriculture as a leading cause of climate change, said Dr ...
Climate outlook for 2020

Dec 16 2019

Climate outlook for 2020

The variable and changing climate Climate conditions were in general unfavourable for agricultural production in the recent past seasons. Severe drought over most of South ...

Nov 26 2019

African Environment Ministers commit to address environmental crises

At the 17th Ordinary session of the AMCEN all 54 African countries have committed to addressing the key environmental challenges of climate change, land degradation, ...
GM Crops

Oct 27 2019

GM crops and the developing world

The majority of genetically modified (GM) crops are now cultivated in the developing world. In 2014, around 53% of the 182m hectares (nearly two million square kilometres) of ...
Urban Farming

Oct 27 2019

Could the Future of Farming be Urban?

Over the last two centuries, the United States of America has been transformed from a predominantly rural, agricultural nation into an urban one. Currently, over ...

Oct 27 2019

Span tegnologie in vir effektiewe plaagbeheer

Produsente is goed daarop ingestel om plantpeste, siektes en onkruide met plaagdoders te beheer wanneer sulke plae gewasse bedreig. Sulke optrede is meestal reaktief en ...
Honey bees threatened

Aug 28 2019

Die heuningmakers se toekoms is op die spel

Daardie bottel op die rak met die goue, stroperige vloeistof is uiters gesog by alle mense alhoewel dit ‘n plaas se prys is. Sedert oertye ...
How to keep pests out of your crops

Jul 29 2019

How to keep pests out of your crops

Where you have plants, you can expect to have a few pests. However, they do not have to overwhelm you. There are great organic methods ...
Tiny beetle poses huge threat

Jul 29 2019

A tiny beetle poses a huge threat to trees in South Africa

This article requires an active response after reading it. Please follow the action steps listed at the end. A minute exotic beetle that carries disease-causing ...
Olive branch

Jun 18 2019

Genetic catalogue of the insect pests found on olives

A genetic catalogue of the insect pests found on wild and cultivated olive tree species in South Africa is being compiled by a small team ...
Voorkoming in plaagbeheer

Jun 18 2019

Voorkoming in plaagbeheer is beter as genesing

Die klimaatstoestande is besig om drasties hier op aarde te verander of Donald Trump dit wil glo of nie. dit veroorsaak beduidende impakte op die ...

Jun 17 2019

Reënvalvooruitsigte vir 2019/20

Alhoewel bo-gemiddelde reën teen die einde van die 2018/19-somerseisoen oor die sentrale tot oostelike dele van die land voorgekom het, duur die droogte intens voort ...
FArmers prepare for climate change

May 19 2019

How to help farmers prepare for climate change

Floods as well as droughts and heatwaves are increasing and will continue to do so in Africa and South Asia. Farmers and governments need to adapt to this changing climate regime. ...
Agricultural plastic

May 19 2019

Managing plastics out of the farming sector

Plastic products on the farm The year 1898 is long forgotten with nary a human being ever heard of a German scientist by the name ...

Apr 27 2019

Hunger is growing as the world warms faster

Climate change is speeding up, and among its malign impacts is a setback for efforts to feed the world: hunger is growing again. The global ...
Popping corn

Apr 27 2019

Rapidly rising heat will cut maize harvests

Soon the corn could roast on the cob long before the maize harvests are due. That could be far sooner than anyone expects. Rapidly rising ...
Palmer amarant (Amaranthus palmeri)

Apr 27 2019

Amerikaanse indringer verg drastiese maatreëls

Suid-Afrikaanse boere is wakker manne en vroue wat vir niks op aarde skrik nie. Selfs nie eers die politieke dreigemente oor grondonteiening is genoeg om ...
Company’s Garden reclaims a piece of its history

Apr 24 2019

Company’s Garden reclaims a piece of its history

The return of the first apple tree planted in the iconic Company’s Garden in the late 1650s is a remarkable story, made possible through a ...
“Game changer” for pincushion flower industry

Apr 24 2019

“Game changer” for pincushion flower industry

The overseas flower market pays a premium for long-stemmed pincushions without any curvature, insects or signs of disease. To deliver such flowers are easier said ...
New crop-spraying drone developed

Apr 24 2019

Young aeronautical engineers develop new crop-spraying drone

The Gryphon Corporation is an engineering and technology start-up founded in 2018 by two young aeronautical entrepreneurs - Samuel Mathekga and Clive Mathe. The company is ...
Hungry no more

Apr 24 2019

Hungry No More!

Bayer understands that participating in the development of small-holder and emerging farmers will be the route out of poverty, unemployment and overcoming food scarcities and ...
Floating solar farm

Mar 25 2019

First commercial floating solar farm in Africa

From the ongoing issues at Eskom to the chemicals being sprayed and the high energy needs of farms, the agricultural sector is looking to become ...
Denau apples

Mar 25 2019

Shared model of B-BEE farming a proven success in Ceres

With a  successful 15-year track record, the Denou Farming (Pty) Ltd is a stand-out success story. Established in 2003 as a partnership between fifth generation ...
Cover cropping

Mar 24 2019

Cover Cropping for Climate Smart Agriculture

In recent years there have been several new terms being used pertaining to modern agriculture. Terms such as Conservation farming, Regenerative agriculture, Sustainable agriculture, Climate ...
Soil carbon sequestration

Mar 23 2019

What is Soil Carbon Sequestration?

What is Soil Carbon Sequestration? Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide can be lowered either by reducing emissions or by taking carbon dioxide out of the ...
Seeding equipment

Mar 23 2019

Seeding equipment for a drier future

The agricultural sector remains vulnerable to water risks and a changing climate. The droughts we are currently facing have had a great impact on the ...
Integrated pest management

Mar 22 2019

The philosophy of integrated pest management

To integrate or not integrate? Integration means to assimilate or mix one entity into another so that the combined entities maintain their own identities but ...
Conservation Agriculture

Mar 20 2019

The role of Conservation Agriculture in Climate Smart Agriculture

The Western Cape Province and especially the agricultural sector is facing climate change with projections of continued warming of between 1.5 °C and 3 °C ...

Feb 21 2019

Agronomic development of rainfed maize in response to plant population and row spacing under no-tillage

The agronomic development of rainfed maize in response to plant population and row spacing under no-tillage was investigated in a field trial conducted during the ...
Macdamia industry

Feb 21 2019

Call for collaboration between macadamia industry and government

South Africa’s macadamia industry is, together with Australia, the most sophisticated in the world. It is also the largest producer globally. This competitive advantage could ...

Jan 30 2019

Invasive alien plants in South Africa pose huge risks

but they can be stopped There is a massive army marching across South Africa. It’s silent and looks harmless, but it’s growing by the day. ...
Honey bees

Jan 30 2019

Managed bees versus wild bees?

It’s not that simple in South Africa There’s widespread concern about the global decline of honey bees and the associated loss of pollination services. Should ...
Forest health

Jan 30 2019

Nine vital signs found for forest health

Forests help to moderate climate change, which can itself affect forest health. Researchers still puzzle over how the canopy affects the global carbon exchange. It ...
Roelof Pienaar

Jan 30 2019

Looking ahead to 2019

based on the trends and lessons of the past Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing is looking ahead to 2019 based on the trends and lessons of the ...
More vegetables

Jan 30 2019

More vegetables, less meat for all our sakes

Researchers are clear: the healthy diet for a healthy planet is more vegetables, less meat. What matters is the food that’s served, and the way ...

Dec 14 2018

Why massive effort needs to be put into growing trees on farms

It’s now over 50 years since the world was first warned that resources were being used at an unsustainable rate. It has now been estimated that almost one quarter ...

Dec 14 2018

New plane can show geoengineering works

With new aircraft, humans could potentially mimic volcanic action, dim the sunlight and slow global warming, showing that geoengineering works. It’s a controversial idea. Nobody ...
Hotter climate

Dec 14 2018

Hotter climate will cost Europe dear

The continent must brace itself for the big heat: a hotter climate will cost Europe dear if average global temperatures soar by 3°C near the ...
Bee on flower

Dec 12 2018

Illegal use of pesticides

Emphasis on the word illegal The illegal use of pesticides killing of bees in the Constantia area of the Western Cape has received widespread media ...
Apple pack house

Dec 12 2018

Electricity cuts a great irritation to fruit industry

Eskom, the national (and sole) electricity provider in South Africa has embarked on a programme of load shedding (planned power outages) as a result of ...

Dec 12 2018

Conservation Agriculture and soil fertility management Part 2

Case study on a degraded soil in the North West Province Following an introduction to some theoretical principles and practices of Conservation Agriculture  and integrated ...
Big Data

Dec 12 2018

Big data shows big promise for feeding the world

Digital innovations are set to transform a global food system in crisis. These innovations, however, are reliant on large sets of data to help farmers ...
Water pivot irrigation

Dec 10 2018

Agri Western Cape relieved that water restrictions have been lifted

Agri Western Cape is relieved that agriculture’s water restrictions have been lifted to 10%. This will help the sector a great deal with recovering from ...
Millions of bees killed

Dec 8 2018

A better future for honey bees

Farmers, beekeepers, Croplife South Africa and researchers take hands The Western Cape Bee Industry Association (WCBA) organised a workshop at the Buitenverwachting wine estate in ...

Nov 20 2018

The spread of shot hole borer beetles in South Africa is proving tough to control

A tiny tree-killing beetle with the awkwardly long name of Polyphagous Shot hole Borer was detected in South Africa for the first time last year. ...
Rooftop garden

Nov 16 2018

Inner-city rooftop farming ‘hola harvest’

SAB and partners look to making farming more attractive to youth in addressing challenges of unemployment and food security with Inner-city rooftop farming SAB and AB ...
Integrated pest management

Nov 16 2018

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Principles

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. IPM programs use ...

Nov 16 2018

Gerbils are gearing up for the grain season

With the grain planting season on hand, farmers have to be aware of the imminent threat posed by gerbils to newly planted crops. Gerbils are ...
Climate change

Nov 16 2018

US bekyk klimaat-slim landbou

Droogte en ‘n toename in waterrisiko’s is die nuwe werklikheid vir Afrika. Talle produsente en rolspelers in die landbousektor het reeds hierby begin aanpas en ...
Conservation Agriculture and soil fertility management Livestock

Nov 16 2018

Conservation Agriculture and soil fertility management Part 1

Theoretical principles and practices In South Africa, crop production systems based on intensive and continuous soil tillage have led to excessively high soil degradation rates ...
Macadamia nuts

Oct 13 2018

Planning for the long game: macadamia trees

South Africa’s industry could be underprepared for the future macadamia market because macadamia trees are a 20 year investment that requires planning for the long ...
Afrika bolwurm

Oct 13 2018

Afrika bolwurm is ‘n gevaarlike kalant

Die Lepidoptera orde in die wêreld van ongewerweldes is legio. Wonderlike vlinders en interessante motte is onder die gevleueldes wat onder ander ook met bestuiwing ...

Oct 13 2018

Fynbos app to manage your natural veld

Landowners and harvesters who harvest wild fynbos can now better manage their fynbos populations through a new cell phone application. The app, called i-Fynbos, collects information ...