How to keep pests out of your crops

How to keep pests out of your crops

Where you have plants, you can expect to have a few pests. However, they do not have to overwhelm you. There are great organic methods you can use to get rid of pests from your crops.

Why natural pest control?

As it is, we use too many pesticides and chemicals in our homes. We use them on lawns, flower gardens, veggies gardens, and even in the house to get rid of pesky pests such as mosquitoes. There is no need to further expose ourselves, our loved ones, and those around us to toxicity using chemical pesticides.

Chemical pesticides are also harmful to the ecosystem of our garden and farms. They;

  • Negatively alter the pH of the soil, which can affect the quality of crops you grow.
  • Leave a toxic residue in produce that is harmful to animals, humans, and other beneficial life.
  • Kill beneficial microbes that plants thrive on.

Therefore, the question should be,” why not natural pest control?” The good thing is that every pest has a natural deterrent you can use to fight it. Here, we give you a few examples.

13 ways you can fight pests on your farm using natural solutions

1. Use healthy soil

When you use soil that has eggs from pests, they will hatch and overcome your crops in a short while. Therefore, your soil should be clean and healthy.

You can compose your own healthy soil by using natural fertilizers such as seaweed and fish fertilizer, which will foster the growth of beneficial soil microbes. Beneficial microbes contribute to the growth of healthy plants able to fight various diseases and pests easily.

2. Clear your crop zone of insect habitats

If you create a conducive atmosphere for pests around your crops, you will have lots of them procreating and thriving there. Pests like overgrown areas, so clear up your garden and keep it neat and tidy. Make sure pests have no place to hide and multiply and you will have less of them to deal with.

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  • Eric Tress is a content creator from Six Brothers Pest Control, company that got its name from the owners, literally 6 brothers who are all equal partners in the business. They care about keeping properties and lawns out of pests and give advice about the best organic alternatives to deal with it

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