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Get ready for the Grabouw Weekend Warrior

Jan 30 2023

Get ready for the Grabouw Weekend Warrior

To take full advantage of the peak apple season so that many of the orchards in the apple valley will still be laden with fruit ...
The Benefits of Berries and Agro-Processing Part 3

Aug 31 2022

The Benefits of Berries and Agro-Processing Part 3

Berries are among the healthiest foods you can eat and is considered as top sources of potassium, magnesium, vitamins C and K, fibre, prebiotics carbohydrates, anthocyanins, disease-fighting ...
SA Cheese Festival Attendees’ Buying Power Impresses After Covid-19 Interruption

May 25 2022

SA Cheese Festival Attendees’ Buying Power Impresses

This year’s South African Cheese Festival from 30 April to 2 May 2022 at Sandringham outside Stellenbosch was a huge success measured by the purchasing ...
Processing of Health Foods

Apr 27 2022

Processing of Health Foods

Health foods can be defined as any natural food which is popularly believed to promote or sustain good health. Eating healthy can then be defined ...
Bonnievale Chenin Blanc reveals its stature at Veritas 2021

Dec 13 2021

Bonnievale Chenin Blanc reveals its stature at Veritas 2021

Bonnievale has once again been shown to be a champion of Chenin Blanc following the announcement this week of medal winners at the esteemed Veritas ...
Agro-Processing of Brassicas

Dec 13 2021

Agro-Processing of Brassicas

Farmers facing current economic realities are searching for new options for surviving and expanding their businesses. One of the many opportunities to grow markets, turnover, ...
What is your image of imitation cheese?

Nov 25 2021

What is your image of imitation cheese?

Alternative cheese is a dynamic market. Analogue cheese is part of the market that is expected to grow soon, this suggests a promising future for ...

Jul 28 2021

Win a Case of Nuy Winery’s Koffiepit Pinotage

In December 2015, a new wine and food destination opened slightly off the beaten track in the picturesque Nuy Valley … and soon became an ...
Wes-Kaap Jongoer 2021

May 26 2021

Jongboer van die Jaar 2021

Alexander Gibson: Agri Wes-Kaap Santam Landbou se Jongboer van die Jaar 2021 Die 32-jarige Alexander Gibson van Ceres in die Witzenberg Vallei is Woensdagaand 19 ...
The Juice Box

Apr 27 2021

The Juice Box

One of the many opportunities for farmers worldwide to grow markets, turnover and raise profit margins is by adding value to crops through agro (food) ...
A new way of processing cowpeas brings affordable nutrition to children

Mar 29 2021

A new way of processing cowpeas

A new way of processing cowpeas brings affordable nutrition to children. As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, its complex connections with food security are developing too. ...
Wetlands project at tip of Africa shows the way to ecological recovery

Feb 25 2021

Wetlands project at tip of Africa shows the way to ecological recovery

A wetlands project close to the southern tip of Africa is a shining example of environmental recovery that needs to be replicated the world over ...
#SaveSAWine creates a buzz with mural project

Dec 15 2020

#SaveSAWine creates a buzz with mural project

The South African Wine Industry Transformation Unit (SAWITU) participated in the #SaveSAWine campaign, run by Erica Taylor of Uncorkified. This campaign is known for creating ...
Meester Suiwelboer 2020

Oct 28 2020

2020 LNR Meester Suiwelboer Toekennings

Die jaarlikse Landbou Navorsingsraad (LNR) se Nasionale Meester Suiwelboer toekenningsgeleentheid is op Woensdag 21 Oktober 2020 as ‘n virtuele geleentheid aangebied deur Agri-Expo, namens die ...
Farmer of the Month Trevor Strydom

Aug 31 2020

Farmer of the Month: Trevor Strydom

Our Farmer of the Month is Trevor Strydom of Audacia Wines. Audacia is a 23-hectare wine farm situated between Stellenbosch and Somerset West in South ...
100% Moringa Juice to create more jobs

Aug 31 2020

100% Moringa Juice to create more jobs

Powerful African plant moringa has been around for centuries. Popular for its medicinal purposes, moringa is mostly revered for its potent antioxidants which qualify it ...
Sticker indicating if food has gone off

Apr 29 2020

A sticker that indicates whether cold-chain food products have gone bad

Can we tell with the naked eye if any cold-chain food products that we have received have gone bad? A cold-chain safety sticker was developed, ...

Apr 29 2020

Boer van die Maand: Ernst Stofberg

Ons kuier vandeesmaand by  die boer van die maand: Ernst Stofberg van Dwarsberg Plaas en Dwarsberg Trout Hideaway, Louwshoek, Rawsonville in die Wes-Kaap. Dwarsberg Plaas ...
Wes-Kaap Jongboer van die Jaar

Jun 18 2019

Agri Wes-Kaap Santam Landbou Jongboer van die Jaar aangewys

‘n 36-jarige eierprodusent van Plettenbergbaai is die Agri Wes-Kaap Santam Landbou Jongboer van die Jaar vir 2019. Johan van der Schyff is op Woensdagaand 22 ...
Wes-Kaap Jongboer

May 19 2019

Wes-Kaap Jongboer van die jaar 2019 deelnemers

“Die uiteenlopende bedryfsvertakkings, fokus, energie en ingesteldheid van vanjaar se deelnemers aan die Agri Wes-Kaap Santam Landbou Jongboer van die Jaar 2019 kompetisie, wys net ...
Ina Paarman's Blondies

Apr 27 2019


Our Brownies are one of our most popular bake mixes. Do try this white chocolate recipe with added nuts using our Vanilla Cake Mix. Makes ...
Ina Paarman;s Pork chop and plums

Apr 27 2019

Pork Chops with Plums

The success and succulence of this recipe for pork chops with plums depends on the thickness of the chops. Ask the butcher to cut 2 ...

Apr 27 2019

The health benefits of prebiotics in dairy products

Changes in lifestyle and eating habits have led to considerable multiplication of health problems and chronic diseases. There is a growing global concern on nutrition ...
Why eat more fish

Apr 27 2019

Why eat more fish and seafood?

Seafood is any form of sea life regarded as food by humans. Seafood prominently includes fish (finfish) and shellfish. Shellfish include various species of molluscs, ...

Apr 27 2019

Opportunities for diversification and sustainability in Agritourism routes

Agritourism routes offer opportunities for diversification and sustainability to the agricultural sector in South Africa. The agricultural sector is a key driver of South Africa’s ...
Food scientist

Apr 24 2019

Trailblazers graduate with an MSc in Food and Nutrition Security

Alison Barr, Hlanzeka Mpanza and Anja Lategan will forever go down in the annals of Stellenbosch University (SU) as trailblazers. They are the first three ...
Bigbucks apples

Apr 24 2019

Military vet becomes a Farmer of the Year

South Africa in the late 1980’s was a powder-keg. A nationwide state-of-emergency was in place which increased the apartheid government’s already over-reaching powers to detain ...
Dairy product of the year

Apr 21 2019

Boetiekkaas klop 800 produkte as suiwelproduk van die jaar

‘n Boetiekkaas gemaak van gelyke hoeveelhede bok- en beesmelk is Suid-Afrika se 2019 Suiwelproduk van die Jaar. St Francis of Ashisi, vervaardig deur Belnori Boutique ...
SA Dairy championships

Mar 25 2019

Good news for dairy industry

Good news for dairy industry: SA Dairy Championships attracts 882 entries The biggest dairy competition in Africa, the judging of the South African Diary Championships, ...
Speculaas flavoured chocolate chip cookies

Mar 24 2019

Speculaas Flavoured Chocolate Chip Cookies

On our last trip to Holland I became hooked on the delicious flavour of these biscuits. Do try them, they are superb with a cup ...
Chicken salad

Mar 24 2019

Chicken and Char-grilled Pepper Salad

Classy and cool, we plated the salad on a pretty non-breakable plastic plate. Easy to transport and non-breakable. Serves 4 YOU WILL NEED 1 shop ...
Tobacco farming

Mar 20 2019

Stellenbosch University’s agriculture team to help Malawian farming find a new focus

Stellenbosch University (SU) partnered with institutions in the US and Malawi to help Malawian economy find a new focus and become less dependent on tobacco ...
SA Cheese Festival

Feb 21 2019

Ontdek 18 ervarings by die 18de SA Kaasfees

Ontdek 18 ervarings by die 18de Suid-Afrikaanse Kaasfees van Vrydag 26 tot Sondag 28 April 2019 op Sandringham buite Stellenbosch. Dit bied ‘n ware waarde ...
Buttermilk cake

Feb 21 2019

Buttermilk Cake Recipe

We have found that the Vanilla Cake is delicious and stays moist for longer if made with buttermilk in place of milk and a mixture ...
Flattie in a Frying pan

Feb 21 2019

Flattie in a Frying Pan Recipe

Looking for a quick and easy way to cook a chicken without having to switch on the oven? Try this Flattie in a Frying Pan ...
Biltong salad

Feb 21 2019

Biltong Salad with Blue Cheese and Figs

This Biltong Salad with Blue cheese and Figs is  South African fare at its best. Use fresh figs when in season. Serves 4-5 YOU WILL ...
Groot Plaasproe

Feb 14 2019

‘Livestock’ en ‘Die Groot Plaasproe’ bekroon

Die landbou-ekspo-plaaservaring-kombinasie ‘Agri-Expo Livestock’ en ‘Die Groot Plaasproe’ is op Donderdag 31 Januarie 2019 met een van die bedryf se prestige-toekennings, naamlik die ROAR-toekenning as ...
Faculty of AgriSciences

Jan 30 2019

Faculty of AgriSciences grows from strenght to strenght

Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of AgriSciences grows from strenght to strenght.During the December graduation ceremony, a total of 247 students in the faculty received their first ...
Prof Nick Vink

Jan 30 2019

Prof Nick Vink earns coveted Chancellor’s Award

Eminent agricultural economist, Professor Nicholas (Nick) Vink, earns the coveted Chancellor’s Award after two decades of eminent for community interaction and research. He is the ...
More vegetables

Jan 30 2019

More vegetables, less meat for all our sakes

Researchers are clear: the healthy diet for a healthy planet is more vegetables, less meat. What matters is the food that’s served, and the way ...

Jan 30 2019

Chicken à La King Recipe

This Chicken a La King Recipe is a classic. Serves 4 YOU WILL NEED 4 chicken breast fillets, each cut across the grain into 5-6 ...
Keep apples chilled for quality

Jan 30 2019

Keep your apples chilled for the best quality fruit

With hot summer temperatures expected for the next few months, here are some tips from Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing’s Quality Assurance Manager, Henk Griessel for how ...
Cheese festival

Jan 30 2019

Vier SA Kaasfees se 18de jaar in 2019!

Die gewilde Suid-Afrikaanse Kaasfees vier in 2019 ‘n groot mylpaal – sy 18de bestaansjaar! Feesgangers kan uitsien na ‘n waarlik unieke ervaring van kaas en ...
Bonnievale wines

Dec 15 2018

R300 miljoen samesmelting plaas wynreus op koers vir langtermyn sukses

Die Bonnievale Wynkelder-groep en Wandsbeck Wyne smelt saam en vorm ’n wynmaatskappy met bates van meer as R300m. Die wynkelders in die Robertson-streek se amalgamasie ...
Pink apple sauce

Dec 14 2018

Pink Apple Sauce Recipe

Stunning colour and delicious taste! This pink apple sauce recipe makes a big batch. Freeze half for later or bake an apple pie. Stir 1 ...
Glazed Gamon

Dec 14 2018

Glazed Gammon with Mandarins Recipe

I find gammon an economical cut, because it is so handy to have in the fridge the next day for salads, sandwiches and to add ...
Not a spider bite

Dec 14 2018

Spider bites in southern Africa

The subject of spider bites in southern Africa is a rabbit warren of hoax emails, misinformation, misconceptions and ignorance. It’s almost impossible to identify a ...
Pieter Graaff Farmer of the year 2018

Dec 12 2018

National Farmer of the Year 2018: Pieter Graaff

At a gala event held in Stellenbosch on Friday evening, November 16, 2018 the Agricultural Writers SA announced the winners of the 2018 National Farmer, ...
Christel Fortuin

Dec 12 2018

Christel Fortuin is a star in the making

Now that the rains have returned to the Boland, the farm road leading to the office at Lakeview Farm is muddy and the previously scorched ...
Coffee in mountains

Dec 10 2018

When growers want to offer a place to stay

Agri tourism or farm stays is a growing hospitality sector and the reasons why are clear: better bang for the Buck and an opportunity to ...
Roasted Bell Peppers and White bean salad

Nov 20 2018

Roasted Bell Pepper and White Bean Salad Recipe

Bean salads are high fashion. Combine the beans with roasted peppers and dress with a dressing that will cater for vegetarian guests as well. Serves ...
Lamb necks on the braai

Nov 20 2018

Lamb Necks on the braai recipe

Lamb necks on the braai is one of my best discoveries! With the price of lamb chops skyrocketing, you can still get your lamb fix ...
Apples and reading

Nov 20 2018

Pam Sue-Taylor spreads a love of reading along with an apple a day

Have you heard the phrase: Ask a busy person if you want to get the job done? Pam Sue-Taylor, of Sonstraal Heights, Durbanville, lives up ...
Agri Worker of the Year

Nov 20 2018

Isaac Ntoto of Mossel Bay wins the 2018 Prestige Agri Award

Isaac Ntoto, from Garden of Eden Berries in Brandwag, Mossel Bay wins this year’s Prestige Agri Award. The announcement was made at a gala event ...
Agnes Lekhori

Nov 20 2018

Agriculture is one of the industries that can be left to future generations

If you plant an apple or pear tree today, you might have to wait up to five years before you see the first fruit and ...
Fruit and vegetables

Nov 16 2018

World lacks enough plants for healthy diet

Guidelines for a healthy diet emphasise fresh fruit and vegetables. Right now, there may not be enough in the gardens to nourish a cooler, healthier ...
Food safety

Nov 16 2018

SU launches SA’s first centre for food safety

Efforts to support food safety in South Africa received a significant boost when Stellenbosch University (SU), in conjunction with Tiger Brands, launched the on-campus Centre ...
Spekboom in bloom

Nov 16 2018

Spekboom: the wonder plant of the dry regions

Portulacaria afra (known as elephant bush, dwarf jade plant, porkbush, spekboom in Afrikaans iNtelezi in Zulu and iGqwanitsha in Xhosa) is a small-leaved succulent plant ...