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Wildlife management in the Karoo

Jun 25 2022

Wildlife management in the Karoo

The Karoo consists of a bewildering variety of physiographic landscape types, each of which contains a great diversity of habitats. This habitat variability is the ...
Better breeding improves financial results

Apr 27 2022

Better breeding improves financial results

All dairy farmers are breeders although breeding aims may differ among herds. Some farmers breed show cows while others produce sires for the artificial insemination ...
Livestock farming in urban areas

Feb 24 2022

Livestock farming in urban areas

Livestock farming within urban areas is a highly contentious topic. However, rapid urbanization has increased peri-urban and urban farming in South Africa. This is because ...
Determine your soil health using biotic and abiotic indicators in one package – YourSoilTM

Jan 30 2022

Determine your soil health using biotic and abiotic indicators in one package – YourSoilTM

Soil is a living system and the foundation of crop production. Soil health is defined as the capacity of soil to function as a vital ...
Informal farming

Jan 30 2022

Contribution of informal farming sector should not be underestimated

South Africa’s informal farming sector is contributing far more to the economy and food security than is officially being recognised. More should be done to ...

Nov 25 2021

Animal behaviour as indicators for weather forecasting and climate predictions

For decades, indigenous people have observed biophysical animate and inanimate beings for weather forecast and climate predictions about current and future weather variables that cannot ...
Climate change and milk composition in South Africa

Feb 25 2021

Climate change and milk composition in South Africa

The impact of fluctuating weather conditions has been evident throughout agricultural markets over the past decades. Dairy production in South Africa is responsive to the ...
Even your vet can make a mistake

Jan 27 2021

Even your vet can make a mistake

Sadly, there are times when a vet will make a mistake. After all, vets are human beings. There may come a time when they make ...
To cull cows early or not?

Jan 27 2021

To cull cows early or not?

There seems to be a common perception among some local dairy farmers that cows may be culled earlier than their expected production lifespan when using ...

Nov 25 2020

The effect of missing artificial inseminations

The essence of dairy farming is the ongoing process of cows calving down once every year. Cows must calve down to start a new lactation ...
Meester Suiwelboer 2020

Oct 28 2020

2020 LNR Meester Suiwelboer Toekennings

Die jaarlikse Landbou Navorsingsraad (LNR) se Nasionale Meester Suiwelboer toekenningsgeleentheid is op Woensdag 21 Oktober 2020 as ‘n virtuele geleentheid aangebied deur Agri-Expo, namens die ...
Do you know how much your cows pollute?

Aug 30 2020

Do you know how much your cows pollute?

Few years ago, I watched a documentary called “Cowspiracy” that was a big punch on my face. “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” is a 2014 documentary film which explores ...
Bee pollination

Apr 29 2020

To bee or not to bee

There are numerous factors that influence the recommended pollination tariff which are bound to differ in terms of importance as well as relevance depending on ...
Rift Valley Fever

Jan 30 2020

Rift Valley fever: Signs & Symptoms

Rift Valley fever (RVF) is an acute, fever-causing viral disease most observed in domesticated animals (such as cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, and camels), with the ...

Jan 30 2020

Housing of dairy cows

Dairy breeds in South Africa originated in the British Isles and Western Europe. These countries have a cool to cold climate. In comparison, in South ...

Dec 16 2019

Cow selection affects live weight and milk yield

Genetic progress in dairy herds is affected by sire selection. However, despite careful selection procedures, female progeny of selected sires produce at higher, similar or ...
Climate outlook for 2020

Dec 16 2019

Climate outlook for 2020

The variable and changing climate Climate conditions were in general unfavourable for agricultural production in the recent past seasons. Severe drought over most of South ...

Nov 26 2019

Sire selection to reduce the size of dairy cows

Recently, on social media, the size of dairy cows was discussed among dairy farmers. Most held the opinion that there are advantages to cows being ...
Honey bees threatened

Aug 28 2019

Die heuningmakers se toekoms is op die spel

Daardie bottel op die rak met die goue, stroperige vloeistof is uiters gesog by alle mense alhoewel dit ‘n plaas se prys is. Sedert oertye ...
Om koeie te koop

Jul 29 2019

Om koeie te koop

Om die regte koeie te koop is moeiliker as wat baie mense dink. Die aankoopplek, finansiële vermoë van die koper en redes waarom koeie verkoop ...
Adding value to a dairy herd

Jun 18 2019

Adding value to a dairy herd

Dairy farmers are always looking at ways to increase the value of their herds. The management style has a major effect on the value of ...
Replacement heifers

May 19 2019

Principles regarding replacement heifers

Dairy farmers always aim to reduce the production cost of milk to increase profit margins. Heifer rearing is a direct cost and produces no immediate ...
Including live weight in cow selection

Apr 24 2019

Including live weight in cow selection

The genetic merit of a dairy herd depends on the average breeding value of the group of bulls selected annually to service cows and heifers. ...
SA Dairy championships

Mar 25 2019

Good news for dairy industry

Good news for dairy industry: SA Dairy Championships attracts 882 entries The biggest dairy competition in Africa, the judging of the South African Diary Championships, ...
Consider live weight

Mar 24 2019

Consider live weight when selecting dairy bulls

Consider the live weight when selecting dairy bulls. The genetic improvement of a dairy herd depends on the group of bulls selected every year to ...
Predation management forum

Mar 11 2019

Workshop paves way to appoint manager for predation

The Predation Management Forum (PMF) held a workshop on 21 February at NMU to develop a framework that will give direction to research and training ...

Feb 21 2019

400,000 African pangolins are hunted for meat every year

Why it’s time to act Pangolins, a group of unique African and Asian scaly mammals, are one of the most heavily trafficked wild mammals in ...
Heifer rearing

Feb 21 2019

Keeping heifer rearing costs down

A dairy herd consist of cows and heifers. Cows are either in milk (lactating) or dry (not producing milk). As cows are the production units ...
Honey bees

Jan 30 2019

Managed bees versus wild bees?

It’s not that simple in South Africa There’s widespread concern about the global decline of honey bees and the associated loss of pollination services. Should ...

Jan 30 2019

‘Bloublommetjies’ – a blessing or a curse?

  Figure 1. Flower of Echium plantagineum. Source: One of the most prominent sights in the landscape over the spring and summer season, and ...
Dairy cows

Jan 30 2019

The effect of concentrate feeding levels on milk yield

The milk yield of dairy cows varies because of individual genetic merit, age, lactation stage (days in milk), daily feed intake, feed quality and body ...
Rearing bulls

Jan 30 2019

Guidelines to follow when rearing bulls

Due management and nutrition of bulls are essential to the cow-calf producer to ensure maximum reproduction and genetic efficacy of his herd. Various factors affect ...
Signs and symptoms of foot and mouth disease

Jan 30 2019

Signs and symptoms of foot-and-mouth disease

In the light of the resent outbreak of foot and mouth disease in South Africa, we look at the signs and symptoms. Foot-and-mouth disease or ...
Foot and mouth disease outbreak

Jan 30 2019

Foot and mouth disease outbreak

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries provides update on Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak in Limpopo. Subsequent to Minister Zokwana’ s meeting with industry, ...
Bee on flower

Dec 12 2018

Illegal use of pesticides

Emphasis on the word illegal The illegal use of pesticides killing of bees in the Constantia area of the Western Cape has received widespread media ...

Dec 12 2018

Conservation Agriculture and soil fertility management Part 2

Case study on a degraded soil in the North West Province Following an introduction to some theoretical principles and practices of Conservation Agriculture  and integrated ...
Dairy cows

Dec 9 2018

Key performance indicators for dairy farmers

Milk prices for dairy farmers are affected by supply and demand. Farmers have, for except, the volume and quality of milk being produced, generally little ...
Millions of bees killed

Dec 8 2018

A better future for honey bees

Farmers, beekeepers, Croplife South Africa and researchers take hands The Western Cape Bee Industry Association (WCBA) organised a workshop at the Buitenverwachting wine estate in ...
sustainable livestock production

Nov 16 2018

Sustainable livestock production is possible

“New research advocates use of pastures with shrubs and trees as it is more sustainable, improving animal welfare and increasing biodiversity.” Consumers are increasingly demanding ...
Dairy cows

Nov 16 2018

Milk income is reduced by poor reproduction

Milk production systems in the Western Cape Province vary from fully or partially pasture-based to zero-grazing total mixed ration (TMR) systems. The rainfall in many ...
Conservation Agriculture and soil fertility management Livestock

Nov 16 2018

Conservation Agriculture and soil fertility management Part 1

Theoretical principles and practices In South Africa, crop production systems based on intensive and continuous soil tillage have led to excessively high soil degradation rates ...
Dairy calves

Oct 14 2018

Ensuring the future milk yields of dairy cows

When starting a new dairy farm, some management actions must be undertaken correctly from the start ensuring the future milk yields of dairy cows. Although ...