SAB and municipality collaboration release more water

SAB municipality collaboration release water

Working in collaboration with local municipalities in Cape Town and Tshwane, SAB has managed to help provide a total 4.4-billion litres of additional water per year for use by residents in those cities. The additional flow of water is accredited to leak reduction and advanced water pressure management in municipality reticulation networks.

The City of Cape Town has an additional 4.67-million litres per day of water available to residents or 1.7-billion litres of water per annum. This was previously being lost through water leakages in the municipal system. Cape Town suffered extreme water shortages in 2018 with threats of a looming Day Zero when taps were expected to run dry and water collection points made available for residents’ basic and daily water requirements. The additional 1.7-billion litres of water can provide 58,000 households (of 4 people) with a basic 100 litres per day based on WHO recommendations for basic needs.

In 2018, SAB partnered with the City of Tshwane to refurbish two existing water pump stations, Groenkloof and Kentron in Centurion. This has allowed to City to reduce its reliance on Rand Water for purchase of water and has contributed an additional 7.5-million litres of water for use by residents each day or a total of 2.7-billion litres of water per annum. This amounts to a saving of more than R60,000 for the city per day, or R23 million per year.

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  • Media Relations and Crisis Communications Manager at The South African Breweries and AB InBev Africa

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