Saving fuel with correct mechanisation practices

Saving fuel with correct mechanisation practices

Mechanisation is necessary when doing crop production but can be very costly due to improper practices because of expensive farm machinery costs and increasing fuel prices.

It is therefore important to plan and utilize farm mechanisation systems efficiently and thus to save costs when doing farming operations. Ultimately farming business is only sustainable when it is profitable.

Importance of equipment maintenance

Proper maintenance of tractors and equipment is very important to be able to optimize fuel consumption. Timely clean and replacement of air and fuel filters can reduce fuel consumption and increase engine power. Changing oil on schedule and greasing moving parts will also help maintain tractor efficiency.

Repairing of any malfunction parts from the implements before field operation sometimes can avoid big loss due to failure in field and can always reduce fuel consumption.
There is no doubt that well-maintained tractors and implements will minimize breakages and save time and money.

Tractor to implement matching

Using a large tractor for light duty jobs is inefficient. It is important to utilize the engine capacity of the tractor because larger tractors are more expensive in total kW. Using a too small tractor for operations that need more engine power is also inefficient because the engine under overloading or too high wheel slip can lead to higher fuel consumption as well.The full article is for subscribed members only. To view the full article please subscribe. It’s FREE!Log In Register



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