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The organic vegetable garden in urban areas

Feb 25 2021

The organic vegetable garden in urban areas

“In our Twenty-first century of absolute convenience and consumerism, we have become disconnected from nature. We somehow believe that not only can we live separately ...
Regenerative agriculture

Sep 29 2020

Regenerative Agriculture is Trending in South Africa

Arable farming systems across South Africa are going through a change. Forced by a variable climate and financial pressure, regenerative farming models are increasingly being ...

Jun 29 2020

Bewaringslandbou kan mielie-opbrengste hupstoot gee

Mielieboere wat geenbewerking of bewaringslandbou op hul plase wil toepas sal kan baat uit heelwat beter opbrengste tydens droër seisoene, omdat hierdie boerderymetodes hulle toelaat ...

May 27 2020

Microbes: Our tiny, crucial allies

Most of us considered microbes little more than nasty germs before science recently began turning our view of the microbial world on its head. A ...
Cover crops

May 27 2020

Healthy soil is the real key to feeding the world

One of the biggest modern myths about agriculture is that organic farming is inherently sustainable. It can be, but it is not necessarily. After all, ...
Soil preparation book

Aug 28 2019

Soil Preparation book for grapevine industries just launched!

A brand new book was just released for the wine and table grape industries. SOIL PREPARATION for sustainable wine and table grape production, by Johan ...
Carbon farming

Jun 14 2019

Carbon farming can slash CO2 emissions

Soil health improvement, a technique known as carbon farming, could cut the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere by more than one-sixth, a ...
Cover cropping

Mar 24 2019

Cover Cropping for Climate Smart Agriculture

In recent years there have been several new terms being used pertaining to modern agriculture. Terms such as Conservation farming, Regenerative agriculture, Sustainable agriculture, Climate ...
Soil carbon sequestration

Mar 23 2019

What is Soil Carbon Sequestration?

What is Soil Carbon Sequestration? Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide can be lowered either by reducing emissions or by taking carbon dioxide out of the ...
Seeding equipment

Mar 23 2019

Seeding equipment for a drier future

The agricultural sector remains vulnerable to water risks and a changing climate. The droughts we are currently facing have had a great impact on the ...
Conservation Agriculture

Mar 20 2019

The role of Conservation Agriculture in Climate Smart Agriculture

The Western Cape Province and especially the agricultural sector is facing climate change with projections of continued warming of between 1.5 °C and 3 °C ...

Dec 14 2018

Why massive effort needs to be put into growing trees on farms

It’s now over 50 years since the world was first warned that resources were being used at an unsustainable rate. It has now been estimated that almost one quarter ...

Dec 12 2018

Conservation Agriculture and soil fertility management Part 2

Case study on a degraded soil in the North West Province Following an introduction to some theoretical principles and practices of Conservation Agriculture  and integrated ...
Fungi associated with soil probiotics

Dec 8 2018

‘Soil probiotics’ promise bigger, healthier crops

But there’s a downside More than half the world’s plant-derived energy intake comes from just three crops: rice, wheat and maize. These crops, like most ...
Conservation Agriculture and soil fertility management Livestock

Nov 16 2018

Conservation Agriculture and soil fertility management Part 1

Theoretical principles and practices In South Africa, crop production systems based on intensive and continuous soil tillage have led to excessively high soil degradation rates ...