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Is Climate Change a Reality?

Jul 28 2021

Is Climate Change a Reality?

The Mangaung Metro Municipality experience Whether or not climate change is a reality is a dilemma faced by many within the farming community and poses ...
Solar-powered irrigation systems

Jul 28 2021

Solar-powered irrigation systems

Solar-powered irrigation systems (SPIS) are increasingly in demand as they can provide a cost-effective and “clean” solution to increase agricultural productivity. Access to water for ...
Elements of Agroecology

Jun 24 2021

The 10 elements of agroecology:

Guiding the transition to sustainable food and agricultural systems. Today’s food and agricultural systems have succeeded in supplying large volumes of food to global markets. ...
Food and clean water start with soil biodiversity

May 26 2021

Food and clean water start with soil biodiversity

Although soils are vital for agriculture, biodiversity, and clean water, this below-ground world is often overlooked. The loss of life below the ground due to intensification of ...
Water in agriculture

May 26 2021

Water in agriculture

Water is a critical input for agricultural production and plays an important role in food security. Irrigated agriculture represents 20 percent of the total cultivated ...
Floating solar farm

Apr 27 2021

Floating solar farms could cool down lakes

Solar power is now the cheapest source of electricity in history, according to a 2020 report by the International Energy Agency. But there is something holding this clean ...

Apr 27 2021

Status of Food Security

Food security is generally defined as the situation when all people have physical or economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food at all times ...
Valuing Water

Mar 29 2021

Valuing Water

Every year, 22 March has been set aside to mark World Water Day. The 2021 edition titled “Valuing Water” was celebrated in a virtual event ...
Wetlands project at tip of Africa shows the way to ecological recovery

Feb 25 2021

Wetlands project at tip of Africa shows the way to ecological recovery

A wetlands project close to the southern tip of Africa is a shining example of environmental recovery that needs to be replicated the world over ...
The organic vegetable garden in urban areas

Feb 25 2021

The organic vegetable garden in urban areas

“In our Twenty-first century of absolute convenience and consumerism, we have become disconnected from nature. We somehow believe that not only can we live separately ...
Tunnel irrigation

Jan 27 2021

Tunnel Irrigation

Tunnel irrigation must be designed, managed, and maintained to provide the right amount of water at the right time for the crop to grow optimally. ...
Why do I need a Greenhouse

Jan 27 2021

Why do I need a Greenhouse

The purpose of using greenhouses is to avoid the plant from excessive heat or cold and unwanted pests. Greenhouses are used to grow crops year-round, ...
Global Sustainable Technology and Innovation

Nov 25 2020

Global Sustainable Technology and Innovation

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in India, in partnership with VITO, a not-for profit research and technology organization in Belgium, along with other partners ...
Water quality monitoring for aquaculture

Oct 28 2020

New technology for water quality monitoring in intensive aquaculture

Aquaculture is increasingly considered as an integral component in the search for global world food security and economic development. The monitoring of farming processes can ...

Oct 28 2020

Micro-irrigation: Technology for efficient water application

Micro irrigation is considered as one of the most efficient irrigation systems, but it should be management and maintained properly to keep it to perform ...

Oct 28 2020

Klimaat en Landboutoestande Oktober 2020

Ryp en lae temperature het steeds voortgeduur oor groot dele van Suid-Afrika gedurende September. Matige tot redelike strawwe ryp het gedurende die laaste week van ...
Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture

Sep 29 2020

Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture

The global framework for action to cope with water scarcity in agriculture in the context of climate change – in short, the Global Framework on ...

Sep 29 2020

Celebrating the development of irrigation technologies

By using water wisely, we are always ready to celebrate irrigation technologies. From the ancient irrigation system Dujiangyan in China that was originally constructed around ...
Regenerative agriculture

Sep 29 2020

Regenerative Agriculture is Trending in South Africa

Arable farming systems across South Africa are going through a change. Forced by a variable climate and financial pressure, regenerative farming models are increasingly being ...
Seafood Value Chain

Jun 29 2020

Modern Trends in Agriculture and Seafood Value Chains

An argument can be made that every effort should be made to convert low-value fish into foods for direct human consumption rather than the inefficient ...

Jun 29 2020

Climate change, biodiversity loss and other global ills share root causes

The issues of climate change and biodiversity are deeply intertwined. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity, the international treaties charged with ...

May 27 2020

How young vineyards can survive climate change

By choosing the right cultivars and adapting their irrigation regimes in young vineyards, winegrowers may mitigate the expected effect of climate change in coming years. ...
A roadmap to resilience for Western Cape agriculture

Mar 26 2020

A roadmap to resilience for Western Cape agriculture

The Western Cape has been prone to numerous climate-related extremes such as droughts, heavy rain, floods, storms (with strong wind and hail), wildfires and plant ...
Water scarcity

Mar 25 2020

Water scarcity is the next big challenge

“Water scarcity is the next big threat we face in the coming months as the Coronavirus pandemic spreads, particularly in our country where there is ...
Drip irrigation

Feb 28 2020

Development of Irrigation Technologies

The purpose of an irrigation system is to apply the desired amount of water, at the correct application rate and uniformly to the whole field, ...

Feb 28 2020

Nutrient Dynamics in Aquaponic Systems

The integration of aquaculture and the hydroponic cultivation of plants has been examined repeatedly over the past five decades with a wide variety of system ...
Shade house

Jan 29 2020

Under Cover farming: Shade Houses

A Shade house is a structure enclosed by nets or any other woven material to allow required sunlight, moisture and air to pass through. It ...

Dec 16 2019

Water-stressed South Africa needs action

WWF welcomes the formal launch of the National Water and Sanitation Master Plan by Human Settlements, Sanitation and Water Minister Lindiwe Sisulu in Pretoria as ...
Climate outlook for 2020

Dec 16 2019

Climate outlook for 2020

The variable and changing climate Climate conditions were in general unfavourable for agricultural production in the recent past seasons. Severe drought over most of South ...

Nov 26 2019

African Environment Ministers commit to address environmental crises

At the 17th Ordinary session of the AMCEN all 54 African countries have committed to addressing the key environmental challenges of climate change, land degradation, ...

Nov 26 2019

South Africa’s real water crisis: not understanding what’s needed

A serious multi-year drought in parts of South Africa’s Northern and Eastern Cape provinces has seen a number of small towns threatened by total water supply failures and livestock ...

Nov 26 2019

Aquaculture Extension and Outreach Services in Africa

An aquaculture extension service offers technical advice on aquaculture to farmers and supplies them with the necessary inputs and services to support their agricultural production. ...

Oct 27 2019

New technology and innovation in aquaculture and offshore cage farming

Technology can be most broadly defined as the entities, both material and immaterial, created by the application of mental and physical effort in order to ...
Water related challenges

Aug 28 2019

Water-related Challenges of the 21st Century

Water gives life and is crucial to development all over the world. It waters the fields; nurtures the crops and stock; provides recreation; it supports ...
Science can double the solar dividend

Jul 29 2019

Science can double the solar dividend

Researchers have found three new ways to double the solar dividend, making the sun work harder and deliver more to the renewable economy. A new, ...

Jun 17 2019

Reënvalvooruitsigte vir 2019/20

Alhoewel bo-gemiddelde reën teen die einde van die 2018/19-somerseisoen oor die sentrale tot oostelike dele van die land voorgekom het, duur die droogte intens voort ...
Water smart irrigation

Jun 17 2019

Water Smart Irrigation:

A requirement for sustainable agriculture in the water value-chain Water, especially in irrigated agriculture, poses one of the most vital sustainable development challenges of our ...
FArmers prepare for climate change

May 19 2019

How to help farmers prepare for climate change

Floods as well as droughts and heatwaves are increasing and will continue to do so in Africa and South Asia. Farmers and governments need to adapt to this changing climate regime. ...
SAB municipality collaboration release water

Apr 21 2019

SAB and municipality collaboration release more water

Working in collaboration with local municipalities in Cape Town and Tshwane, SAB has managed to help provide a total 4.4-billion litres of additional water per ...
Fish management

Mar 24 2019

Fish management in an aquaponics system

When growing fish in your aquaponics system, it is important to maintain good water quality. As an aquaponics grower you have the responsibility to keep ...
Solar pumps

Mar 20 2019

Solar pumps for the future

The use of solar borehole pumps is common all over South Africa and solar pumps for the future is a given. Famers have been using ...

Feb 22 2019

Scientists split on SA’s winter and summer rainfall zones

South Africa is among a handful of countries that experience winter rainfall in some areas and summer rainfall in others, but scientists are split on ...
Farming for a drier future

Feb 21 2019

Agricultural water file: Farming for a drier future

The agricultural sector remains particularly vulnerable to water risks and a changing climate. This article investigates  farming for a drier future by building resilience in ...
Water flow dynamics

Feb 21 2019

Water Flow Dynamics in Aquaponics Systems

Masaru Emoto (22 July 1943 – 17 October 2014) was a Japanese author and entrepreneur who said that human consciousness influences the molecular structure of ...
Drinking water

Jan 30 2019

Salt-free drinkable water comes at a cost

Two thirds of the world worries about water for at least a month annually. One successful source of salt-free drinkable water leaves a bitter aftertaste. ...
Water pivot irrigation

Dec 10 2018

Agri Western Cape relieved that water restrictions have been lifted

Agri Western Cape is relieved that agriculture’s water restrictions have been lifted to 10%. This will help the sector a great deal with recovering from ...
Duckweed as tilapia feed

Dec 8 2018

The potential of duckweed as feed source in tilapia production

Using fish feeds in aquaculture (sometimes referred to as artificial or aqua feeds) generally increases productivity. Feeds usually constitute the most important operating cost for ...
Theewaterskloof dam drought

Nov 16 2018

Climate change apocalypse

More heatwaves and very hot days, bringing further drought to southern and North Africa. Crop yield and livestock production hammered. That’s the grim outlook sketched ...
Climate change

Nov 16 2018

US bekyk klimaat-slim landbou

Droogte en ‘n toename in waterrisiko’s is die nuwe werklikheid vir Afrika. Talle produsente en rolspelers in die landbousektor het reeds hierby begin aanpas en ...

Nov 15 2018

Nanobubble technology in aquaculture production systems

The metabolic rates of fish can be severely affected by the concentration of oxygen in a rearing environment. Suppressed dissolved oxygen levels leads to decreased ...
Floating islands

Oct 13 2018

Floating Wetlands: creating habitat and clearing water

Small steps to making a big difference The term “floating wetlands” might at first conjure up an image of large swathes of dense papyrus reeds ...