Young aeronautical engineers develop new crop-spraying drone

New crop-spraying drone developed

The Gryphon Corporation is an engineering and technology start-up founded in 2018 by two young aeronautical entrepreneurs – Samuel Mathekga and Clive Mathe. The company is focused on designing and developing innovative solutions for solving economic and societal problems in Africa and has been incubated at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria since 2018. They are currently working on creatively tackling both the large and small-scale agricultural sector through crop-spraying drones and agricultural data consultancy, advocating for data-driven farming practice.

“A crop-spraying drone platform that is cheaper, more efficient and more reliable than any traditional crop-spraying platform. Traditional crop-spraying platforms include manned-aircraft crop-spraying, manual spraying and tractors,” says co-founder Mathekga. The innovation also comes with a data-acquisition package that collects data for specialised trend analysis to help make better farming decisions in the future. “The objective for this is to adopt robust, adaptive farming methods that are in sync with the uncertain weather patterns, natural farm inputs (such as pest attacks) and the required need for increased crop-yields across Africa.”

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